ZennoPoster (is required for run ZenBLOG) software was developed for webmasters and people involved in vigorous activity on the Internet. Application is able to repeat your actions on multiple Internet resources (filling in forms, clicks on links) in several dozen of streams (Professional Version), and also provides anonymity through a proxy, which are processed by powerful proxychecker.

ZenBLOG is Zennoposter program module which allows creating free blogs on known blogging portals such as wordpress.com, blogspot.com and many more. We just added universal template for WordPress MultiSite platform (a few hundred blogs)

Configuration is very simple, all you have to do is prepare project files following few easy instruction steps - projects will appear on blogging platforms after running them.

ZenBLOG is text-based application which gives advantage of exporting data between platforms. Instead of wasting many hours on creating blogs you can run the application and save time for other activities while ZenBLOG automatically manages and creates blogs and posts for you.

You can run ZenBLOG with all Zennoposter program versions(yes! even Lite with only one thread!) - creating blog takes no more than 4 minutes(including captcha and e-mail activation). Running many threads(PRO version of Zennoposter) helps creating multiple blogs on different platforms.

Some of supported blogging platforms(ZenBLOG supports more platforms, those shown below are just examples):

Below - some pictures of application with short description:
ZenBLOG main window:

New project/edit project window:

Insert link interface:

Prewiev window - shows how the post will look on site when posted, includes image and links:

Articles window:

Edit articles window:

Blogs window - shows web addresses of created blogs/logins and passwords for blogs: